5 Amazing Tips on Beauty Standards in Vietnam

Historically, beauty standards in Vietnam were closely tied to social status; women with pale skin were generally considered high-class and health conscious.

Vietnamese women continue to strive for small faces with thick eyebrows, an upturned nose and full lips – while also striving for an idealized figure with slim proportions and bodies that appear slimmer.

Small Face Shape

Vietnam values small face shapes as feminine and attractive, which can be accomplished with makeup techniques or plastic surgery as necessary. Eyes play an integral part in Vietnamese beauty standards; women should strive to have large eyes that convey innocence and youthfulness and achieve this look using mascara or eyeliner. They also prefer thick eyebrows and an upturned nose.

Hair is another component of Vietnamese beauty standards. Historically, women wore their long and intricately styled locks in traditional Vietnamese culture. Today however, more young and healthy-looking individuals place more value on having shorter locks – reflecting changing social norms which value youthful and healthily-appearing individuals more highly than before.

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Today, most Vietnamese people adhere to modern East Asian beauty standards. These standards include pale white skin with double eyelids that cover large portions of each eyelid and full lips; as well as slim bodies with high fashion clothing that emphasizes curves on their bodies.

Eyes with an Almond Shape

Gentle and refined characteristics are highly prized in Vietnamese beauty culture. These attributes represent inner beauty and charm, seen as essential factors of overall attractiveness. Vietnamese women frequently emphasize these traits by wearing soft makeup that emphasizes inner beauty and charm – soft smiles that reveal innocence while captivating eyes add charm; additionally a high nose bridge adds elegance and refinement that increases attractiveness further.

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Vietnamese beauty standards have evolved since the 1950s, when foreign influences first made available through international movies and new theaters in Saigon. This period also saw long hair gradually being reduced through shorter haircuts to accommodate an increase in advertisements and magazine covers that showed western-style beauty as desired by Vietnamese audiences.

One of the biggest changes to traditional beauty standards has been an emphasis on feminine features, particularly round eyes. Women see eyes as the gateways to their soul and therefore see them as essential components of female beauty; thus aiming for expressive looks which capture people’s interest are desired traits in beauty standards.

Natural-looking Makeup

Vietnam’s beauty standards reflect an elegant, feminine aesthetic. Contrary to Western beauty ideals promoted by beauty contests, fashion brands, and social media platforms, Vietnamese people place greater value on soft contours and refined proportions; and prefer naturally beautiful complexions over any artificially enhanced ones.

Eyes are another key component of Vietnamese beauty; petite noses with wide-set eyes are prized, creating an elegant and youthful aesthetic. Thick eyebrows have also long been considered part of the Vietnamese beauty standard; makeup products and tweezing techniques may be employed to form stunning arches that frame the face beautifully.

Recent trends of natural cosmetics’ rise have caused a shift in Vietnamese beauty standards. Rising disposable income and demand for eco-friendly and healthy products has driven this shift. Manufacturers have begun becoming more involved in all phases of production and distribution of their products; using natural, organic, fair trade ingredients where possible so as to prevent crop shortages caused by climate change and other external influences.

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Slender Body

Women in Vietnam desire slender bodies that exude an alluring, mesmerizing gaze. Additionally, they strive for symmetrical facial features and an ideal face-to-body ratio; many may use makeup techniques or cosmetic procedures to accentuate their natural beauty or achieve this look.

Contrary to Western beliefs that associate white skin with wealth and status, Vietnamese women typically associate paler skin with social class. Girls and women with lighter complexions are seen as belonging to higher-class families with good health who are likely more successful; those with darker skin are seen as belonging to lower-class homes who may not achieve as much success in life.

A desire for light skin can be seen as part of colonial and imperial rule’s legacy, or seen as anti-Blackness. But true beauty is found within ourselves – beauty standards may change over time but having a beautiful heart remains timeless.

Gentle and Refined Characteristics

Vietnam places high regard on gentle and refined characteristics as indicators of beauty, such as soft smiles, delicate eyes and serene expressions that signify inner charm more so than physical attributes. These traits are considered symbols of inner splendor, more significant than external characteristics such as height or skin color.

Vietnamese beauty standards stress symmetry across both body parts and facial features, with facial features being particularly valued in this respect. Symmetry is believed to signal genetic health and increase attractiveness; an example being their tradition of placing great importance on having an unbroken high nose bridge as part of overall feminine beauty.

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Vietnamese beauty standards place great emphasis on body shapes. Women should strive for slim figures that contain curves in all the right places; many spend both time and money maintaining this appearance; some may use cosmetic surgery to further their appearance. Furthermore, Vietnamese women generally sport long, luxurious hair that flows down their backs; this hairstyle is seen as alluring and feminine so many Vietnamese devote significant energy towards its maintenance routines.