Are Curly Lashes Rare?

curly lashes

How rare are curly lashes? Even though distichiasis (two rows of eyelashes on one lid) is rare, other conditions can affect eyelash length, curliness, pigmentation, or length – including cleft syndromes, congenital syndromes and other conditions. Knowledge of various lash curls is vital for lash technicians, in order to help clients select their perfect look. … Read more

3 Amazing Facts About the Caucasian Curly Hair

caucasian curly hair

The Caucasian curly hair: Curly hair is a common trait among Caucasians and can vary between being straight, curly or kinky depending on their genes. Biracial individuals typically have mixed textures; therefore they must take special care when caring for both sets. Applying race-based criteria to the classification of fibre curl patterns impedes our ability … Read more