6 Ways How your Pet Can Improve Your Relationship

You made his day just because you got home again! You are bathed in love – tail wagging, licking, goofy smiles and loving eyes… The warmth, loyalty and unconditional love a dog has for humans is infallible. . Having a dog as a pet is a surefire way to ensure better physical and mental health.

But how does having a dog affect a couple’s relationship? Does it bring partners together and help them bond better? On the occasion of ‘Pick up Dog Day’ on June 25, 2021, we found some answers…

What statistics say about the impact of pets on relationships

Did you know that putting a dog in your dating profile picture makes you more desirable and increases your chances of finding someone? This is one of the findings of a recent survey conducted by global pet care provider, Rover.com. The survey also revealed that dogs improve and deepen romantic relationships. The survey found that couples with dogs are generally happier than couples who don’t.

The survey found that 71% of people in relationships say they are more attracted to their partner when they see them caring for their dog. While 56% of respondents say they spend more time as a couple after adopting a dog, 86% say they feel more like a family. One in five pet parents said they’ve been in a relationship longer because of their partner’s dog, according to the survey. Couples with dogs are generally happier than couples who don’t

How do dogs strengthen relationships?

Anyone who has ever had a dog in their family knows how these fur babies make your world a better place just by being in it. But their impact on the dynamics of couples is almost never put under the lens. Well, let’s change that by taking a closer look at how dogs enhance relationships:

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1. They are fun and great stress relievers

“We adopted Spike six years ago,” said Tana Trivedi, a lecturer at Ahmedabad University. My husband, Love, called me at work and told me about the adoption. By the time I’m home in the evening, the six-month-old Golden Retriever has become part of the family! Spike is my daughter Kiara’s sibling and companion. His ability to show affection and frequent antics made us happy and provided cheers. Especially in times of pandemic, we very often turn to him for comfort and cuddles.”

2. They improve communication and understanding

These are two important components of a successful relationship. Taking care of a pet helps you gain insight into your partner just like having a baby together. You find out your partner’s attitude towards discipline, mischief and mess! Having a pet together can help you get an idea of ​​the kind of parenting you and your partner would make.

3. They promote teamwork and mutual cooperation

These are essential in a healthy and healthy relationship. Taking care of a dog brings them into play. Feeding, bathing, grooming, and walking dogs can be fun, but they are also responsibilities that must be shared and taken seriously.

4. They help bring the family together

Bengaluru animal lover Meena Rajaram said: “Pets are a very important – White Hamster with Red Eyes –  member of the family. A pet that binds us humans together. With the playful ways and love they show, they can even mend broken relationships. The tensions and tensions between the couple disappear when you see the wagging tail and loving gaze. The dogs are always there for us. Pets are great therapy! Cinnamon, our Labrador, is a gentle giant. He has filled our lives with such happiness.”

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5. They make quality time a reality

No more screens and cell phones, a couple connects on a deeper level as they walk their dog together. If you have the added benefit of walking your dog in the beautiful surroundings, you can be in nature together. What better way to mount?

6. They increase trust and commitment

This is the result of shared, long-term responsibilities. In fact, having a pet is often a stepping stone to marriage and children. Many couples say that taking care of a dog makes them more confident in their parenting skills.

All in all, not only with their playfulness and love, dogs will put you in an upbeat mood, but they will also strengthen your bond with your loved one.