Everytime We Fight I Want to Break Up: See 5 Great Remedies

If your partner says everytime we fight I want to break up, you may have a very unhealthy mentality. He is telling himself to go find someone better, lowering the bar for the relationship and jeopardizing the faith you have in him.

He is also showing you that he is incapable of dealing with negative stimuli and lacks emotional maturity. If this is you, there are a few things you should do.

Every time We Fight I Want to Break Up

Arguments are a Sign of a Healthy Relationship

Arguments are a normal part of a healthy relationship, and you shouldn’t be afraid to have them. Nevertheless, you should recognize the correct time to argue and listen to your partner’s perspective. It’s not healthy to argue when you’re angry or agitated. Rather, you should use your arguments as an opportunity to improve your relationship.

Healthy arguments are those where both parties listen intently and attempt to resolve the issue at hand. During these times, the two partners will need to compromise on their position. The two of them should be able to resolve the conflict without causing further damage. They should also be able to resolve the problem without using insults or devaluation.

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Your Partner Should be Remorseful After a Fight

The first step in getting your partner to feel remorseful after a fighting session is to acknowledge your feelings. You should express your pain and remorse and offer concrete promises to change your behavior. Oftentimes, we just want to shove our head in the sand and move on, but your partner wants to hear your explanation and feel that you’re sorry for hurting their feelings.

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Apologizing in person will be more effective and show remorse than a digital apology. It will also help clear the air quicker than an apology in a text.

Taking the Final Step to Break up with Your Partner

If your partner constantly threatens to leave you everytime you have an argument, it’s time to consider a few things. One of these things is your own impulse control. Oftentimes, we don’t express our feelings properly and we end up hurting our partner unintentionally. Addressing these hurts and feelings can help you take the final step without blindsiding your partner.

Remember that you have a better chance of keeping your partner than breaking up with your partner every time you argue. If you are willing to compromise, your partner may try to distance themselves and seek space. However, it’s important to realize that your partner is not the one who needs to be forced to be in a relationship. You must respect the love that you share and respect your partner.

Understanding Your Partner’s Type

It may seem like a bad idea to break up, but there is another way. You can understand your partner’s type by considering a few things. If you and your partner fight often, you may want to think about whether you and your partner are compatible.

Alternatives to Arguing

One of the best ways to improve your relationship is to avoid arguing. The problem with arguments is that they can be very theatrical. It’s better to talk about alternative ways to communicate. Rather than fighting about the smallest issues, you should choose the real issues and compromise. This will help you clear the invisible roadblocks that can ruin a relationship.