Girl Kissing With Eyes Open Meaning – 4 Exciting Tips to Intimacy

Girl kissing with eyes open meaning: Many guys are intimidated by girls who try to start a kissing sequence with their eyes wide open. Read on.

Girl Kissing With Eyes Open Meaning

It is intimidating because it throws off the other person’s game and can be interpreted as rejection.

But if you do it right, your girl will be blown away! Read on to learn how to make her feel at ease and enjoy the experience. We’ll also go over the reasons why this is such a great move!

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Girl Kissing With Eyes Open Meaning

Close your eyes

Why close your eyes when kissing a girl? The answer may surprise you, but keeping your eyes closed is beneficial to your partner’s psychological well-being.

It’s been proven that kissing with open eyes makes the person feel uncomfortable, which can result in a less satisfying experience.

Interestingly, this method has also been found to increase the pleasure of the kiss. It reduces the stress and self-consciousness that often accompany long-lasting s*x.

In an experiment, Sandra Murphy and Polly Dalton discovered that kissing with closed eyelids increased sensitivity. The reason for this is that when we close our eyes, our brains are less distracted by visual stimuli.

This allows us to focus our attention on the person we are kissing, and increases our sensitivity. Also, when we close our eyes while kissing, our bodies are more relaxed, allowing us to focus more deeply on our partner’s mouth.

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Shut down the visual sense

Did you ever notice that when a girl kisses you with her eyes open, her lips are a little more sensitive? This is because the brain has to prioritize its senses and processes those with higher priority more deeply.

In this case, the tactile sense, or the feeling of touch, was more important than the visual sense. Therefore, when a girl kisses you with her eyes open, her eyes are not closed throughout the entire experience.

If you find that the kissing experience is too intense, shutting down the visual sense can help you relax and make the experience more intimate. The same applies to the way you look into a partner’s eyes.

Although it’s not dangerous to look into someone’s eyes when you’re an inch away, it can be intimidating if you’re looking right into theirs. Therefore, it’s a good idea to explain your discomfort in advance. This way, you can both define the meaning of the kiss for yourself.

Amplify the touch and taste sensations

If you’ve ever wondered why some guys prefer to kiss with their partners with their eyes closed, you’re not alone. You’ve probably wondered why you feel more passionate and intense when your partner closes her eyes.

And while the sensations of touch and taste are heightened when you close your eyes, it’s also better for your health. Here are some ways to make your kisses more sensual.

First of all, the reason why you’re inclined to turn your head to the right when you kiss is that it triggers the same feelings you experience while breastfeeding a baby.

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When you’re kissing, you’re releasing oxytocin into her brain, the hormone that makes us feel secure and bonding. And the way a girl’s lips pucker up resembles a mother’s milk-fed baby’s, you can expect her to react the same way.


Make the experience more intimate

If you’re having trouble connecting with your girl, try making the experience of her kissing with her eyes open. According to Dr. David Schnarch, a sexual therapist, kissing with the eyes open is more intimate than kissing with closed ones.

It also gives you an insight into her personality. If your girl is shy and withdrawn, try to make her feel comfortable with the idea of kissing you with open eyes.

If you’re uncomfortable with the idea of kissing with your girl’s eyes open, try to communicate your need to her. Remember, communication is the key to any relationship.

If you feel uncomfortable, make sure to express your discomfort, but if the girl’s eyes are closed, you’ll have a harder time convincing her to stay.

You should also define what kissing with the eyes open means to you, and avoid the tendency to focus solely on her eyes.