How Comfortable Are Bullet Bras?

Bullet or torpedo bras feature distinctive styles that produce an eye-catching pointed or torpedo-shaped breast structure, giving an eye-catching and seductive aesthetic to their wearers. They create an eye-catching appearance.

If you are considering purchasing a vintage bullet bra, make sure that it fits comfortably and securely around your boobs by purchasing one that is slightly larger than what you typically wear in non-padded cut and sewn bras. This will ensure a secure yet comfortable fit.


Are You Channeling Your Inner Pin-Up Girl? Consider Wearing a Bullet Bra

Perma-Lift launched their inaugural bullet bra in 1941, advertising that this innovative style could provide support, shape, and reduce risk of breast spillage. The bra was named so due to its conical cups which resembled bullet tips; hence its nickname. Worn under tight sweaters like those popularized by stars such as Marilyn Monroe.

Today’s manufacturers create bullet bras using various materials and designs. Court Royal is one company offering modern takes on this retro trend with both soft cup bullet bras in black and peach colors as well as hard cup models up to size DD cup size.

When purchasing a bullet bra, it is crucial that you select the proper size. Do not base your decision solely on your padded bra size but use non-padded measurements instead – for instance if you are a size DD bra wearer, try increasing up to an FF or F cup and ensure straps fit snug but not tight; alternatively you could try opting for a cone bra, which has straight seams starburst from its center rather than spiral stitching for more subtle appearance.

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When it comes to vintage lingerie, bullet bras are unrivaled in terms of versatility. Boasting spiral stitching and an eye-catching pointed shape that helps accentuate a woman’s bust area, this unique style is a wonderful choice for women seeking to channel 1950s pin-up girls – pair one with tight sweaters or dresses for an iconic look!

Bullet bras feature an indescribably flattering pointy design, making them suitable for women of various sizes. However, to achieve optimal results it’s wise to purchase one that is slightly larger than your current size to prevent wrinkles and sagging.

Bullet bras aren’t only comfortable; they’re also supportive. Designed to create a perky and vintage silhouette by pushing out of their cups, these bras also come equipped with more seam reinforcement than modern push-up bras, providing more rigid support than modern push-ups. However, if your cups don’t push out enough on their own you may require bullet bra pads to increase fullness for an eye-catching look.

Purchasing a bullet bra requires doing research. Revival Lingerie provides both circular-stitched cone-cup bras with dart tabs at the front as well as longer line versions featuring horizontal seams across the center for convenience.


The bullet bra is a timeless classic reimagined for contemporary styles. A full coverage style that utilizes spiral stitching to form an eye-catching pointed bust shape. First seen on pin-up dolls from the 1940s and 50s known as sweater girls wearing conical bras to emphasize their busts, today it has resurfaced for modern tastes as a popular look.

This 50s silhouette-defining blouse is ideal for creating an iconic 1950s aesthetic, especially when combined with vintage dresses. For an alternative casual look, pair it with fitted tops like our Edith wrap blouse or even just a T-shirt for more comfort and versatility.

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Bullet bras can seem complex when trying them on, but there are several tips you can do to ensure your girls fit perfectly. Lean over when putting it on, coax those boobies into their cups, and move around jiggle around until achieving that pointy finish (optional).

For optimal fit, take your usual size when purchasing a bullet bra; however if you require more than a fruit bowl cup size you may have to adjust up or down in band size as bullet bras don’t offer stretch bands like traditional modern bras do. For tips on getting your perfect fit check out this blog post from Melons & Sweetcheeks which offers satin and nylon bullet bras up to US F and UK G in sizes while Playful Promises has bralettes with half-circle stitching that resemble the look of bullet bras (no false false bra needed!), while UK brand What Katie Did has authentic vintage-style bullets up to US 54G and UK 54F respectively.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Though modern bras generally feature more subtle silhouettes, bullet bras continue to boast their eye-catching pointy shapes. No wonder it became so beloved during the pin-up doll look of 1940s and 50s; women who liked tight sweaters would pull them up over cone or bullet shaped bras to emphasize their curves.

Modern bras may no longer use spiral stitching to form their distinctive pointed shape, but there are still plenty of brands offering such styles. Court Royal is among those offering them, such as their Norma Jeanne uplift bullet bra which comes in black or peach and UK F/US G cup sizes; additionally it comes with detachable uplift strap and the option for adding frontal panels for additional support if required.

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Melons & Sweetcheeks is a one-woman lingerie company run by Sarah Korba who’s famous for her retro designs. Sarah offers customisable sizes with her Melons & Sweetcheeks Bullet Bra, from up to DD cup capacity. As with vintage style bras, these don’t feature underwire or padding making them lightweight; their shallow cups may require going up one band size while down a cup size in comparison with modern soft cup bras.