How to Reduce Cup Size From D to B

If you are in between sizes but still want to reduce your cup size, there are a few options that can help. Among these are exercise and finding a sister size in a band size smaller or larger. You should also avoid problematic clothing that accentuates your chest.

How to Reduce Cup Size From D to B


One of the most effective exercises for reducing cup size is an aerobics class. This type of exercise focuses on high repetition resistance exercises to build muscle and lose fat. Ideally, the exercises should be performed up to five times a week.

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Some of the exercises include push ups and other exercises that increase muscle mass in the chest area. However, these exercises do not produce local reduction of breast fat. The key to achieving great results is to increase the intensity of the exercises slowly and take one rest day in between resistance training sessions.

The shoulder shrug exercise is another effective exercise for reducing cup size. It works on the muscles inside the chest area and tones the abdominal muscles. You can do this exercise using weights or dumbbells.

Finding a Sister Size in a Band Size Smaller or Larger

If you’re looking to change cup size from d to b, a sister size might be what you need. You can find a band size that’s one band size smaller or one band size larger than the band on your current bra. This can be a great option if you’re in between sizes or have issues with fit.

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Finding a sister size in a band or cup size smaller or larger than the original size will help you find a bra that fits you comfortably. You can also try sizing down if the band is too tight or too loose. Alternatively, you can go up one band size to reduce cup size from d to c if the band is too loose.

Avoid Clothing that Accentuates Your Chest

There are several ways to minimize the size of your breasts. For example, you should avoid wearing clothing with ruffles or frills because they draw attention upwards, making your breasts appear bigger than they are. Instead, wear a fitted blouse in a dark color or a patterned top to hide your breasts. Likewise, avoid wearing clothes with sequins because they draw attention to your breasts. Also, avoid wearing long necklaces, which tend to bend with your curves. Instead, opt for shorter necklaces that hit closer to your collarbone.

Another way to reduce your cup size from d to b is to wear looser clothing. Tight-fitting clothing makes your breasts look larger, so choose loose-fitting clothes that don’t draw attention to your chest. Choose terry cloth, cashmere, and cotton – all of these fabrics are lightweight and stretchy. Dark colors are best because they draw attention away from the chest and highlight other parts of your body.

Breast Reduction Surgery

A successful breast reduction surgery may help you get rid of pain in the upper back, neck, and shoulders, increase your physical activity level, and improve your self-image. The scars left after surgery can take a few months to fade, but the results are usually permanent. However, your breast size and shape may change over time due to weight gain or aging. If you are concerned about your size, you can request a consultation with your plastic surgeon.

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Many women who undergo breast reduction surgery are delighted with their results. They feel more comfortable and fit better in their clothing. In addition, their confidence and health improve significantly. Depending on your starting size and goal, you may be able to have your breast size decreased to a B or a C, or even a C-cup.