How to Spot the Signs She Secretly Wants You: 4 Natural Signs to Observe

Signs She Secretly Wants You

Body language

Let’s consider body language as one of the signs she secretly wants you. If a woman is flirting with you and making her way toward you, then you’re probably in a situation where she wants to get your attention.

She may be adjusting her clothes, jewelry, and makeup to make herself more attractive around you.

She may also be blinking rapidly. While she’s nervous and stressed around you, this behavior can indicate that she’s interested in you. It’s important to keep these body language cues in mind if you’d like to get the scoop on whether or not a woman is secretly pursuing you.

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Signs She Secretly Wants You

She may tilt her head or cross her legs unknowingly when talking to you. This is a tell-tale sign of interest. If she talks loudly or carries herself in a way that makes you feel uncomfortable, she’s interested in you.

She may also lean in and get into your personal space. These signs may be subtle or obvious, but they’re nonetheless there. When you spot these clues, you’ll have an easier time figuring out whether or not she’s into you.

Physical touches

One way to tell if your woman is feeling attracted to you is to engage in some physical touching. If she fixes her shirt collar or touches your shoulder, she’s likely attracted to you.

If she bumps into you, she may want to engage in kino escalation. Start with casual touches and slowly work your way up to more intimate touching. Women often don’t recognize that physical touch is a sign of attraction.

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Another way to tell if a woman is secretly attracted to you is by her behavior. She may touch you lightly while talking or trying to fix your clothes. It’s also common for her to reach out to touch your hands or fix a crooked shirt.

Don’t be surprised if she laughs or touches your chest when you’re laughing. This is her subconscious telling you she’s attracted to you.

Looking at you in a different way when you’re not around

She may start staring at you when you’re not looking – she might shy away from a confrontation if you catch her staring, or she might just ignore you if she doesn’t catch you.

But these non-verbal cues can mean two different things: she may be a secret admirer who secretly wants you, or she might be just jealous of you.

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Interactions with you on social media

Do her social media interactions look like a flirtation? She may be showing affection without saying it. If you’ve ever noticed that she’s commenting on your profile or liking your photos on Facebook, there’s a good chance she’s secretly in love with you.

In addition, she may be hiding something in her life and spending time with her friends, but you can still catch her red-handed if you know how to spot it.

Her social media activities: She’s actively following you on Facebook or Instagram. She’ll also like your posts and like your status updates. She will often DM you on social media, too.

She may even comment on your status updates or reply to your comments. Her friends may be telling you that she likes you and wants to get closer to you. If you notice any of these behaviors, she’s most likely into you and is secretly dating you.

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