It Is What It Is Quotes

People often say “it is what it is” to express frustration or resignation in response to unchangeable situations. This common phrase can be heard everywhere from sports to politics and books to movies and songs (like Billy Frolic’s 2001 movie and Kacey Musgraves song “It Is What It Is”).

No one knows exactly when this idiomatic saying first emerged in society, although its usage became widely popular during the 1990s and 2000s. Furthermore, its source is unknown: possibly someone fond of using idioms in everyday conversations created it themselves.

However, this popular quote conveys that you will only truly know what life experiences mean until they arise in front of you – great or otherwise – until they do happen for yourself. Trying something could either bring happiness or sadness depending on its outcome but until it occurs to you firsthand you won’t know.

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Love is like a Box of Chocolates. You never Know what You’re Gonna Get.

Love can be unpredictable and complicated. From romantic relationships to parenting responsibilities and nurturing creative projects – there is one core principle common to all types of love – its not about you!

Like its confection counterpart, chocolate comes in various varieties. While its basic components remain the same – cocoa beans, fat and sugar – its manufacturing varies significantly. Just as how we define love differs greatly: from an irresistibly seductive encounter, through longstanding friendships to caring for family members – each type is truly special in its own way.

Next time you find yourself questioning love, remember Forrest Gump’s advice and don’t be afraid to indulge in what makes you smile: chocolate. Just don’t overindulge – too many calories would lead to dental damage! This song was originally recorded by German melodic death metal band Emergency Gate with Haddaway for their 2011 album Remembrance (The Early Days), although has since been covered and remixed multiple times including by Klaas and Lost Frequencies.

Travel is Like a Box of Chocolates. You never Know what You’re Gonna Get.

Although its exact origin cannot be pinpointed, “It Is What It Is” has quickly become one of the most beloved phrases in English. It can be found across a wide array of media, from movies and books to music – as with Billy Frolic titling his 2001 movie It Is What It Is and pop singer Kacey Musgraves including an It Is What It Is track on her 2013 debut album.

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Tom Hanks may or may not have said this line from Forest Gump, but its general sentiment remains true: travel can be unpredictable, and accepting that what awaits you might not always meet with approval is vital to enjoying every experience fully. You never really know what awaits you until it happens in person.

Utilizing an “It is what it is” quote can help you transition away from conversations that don’t progress further and express acceptance of situations which cannot be changed. It is an excellent way to avoid dwelling on matters beyond your control; instead focus on moving forward into new possibilities!

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