Learn the 7 Principles of Making Marriage Work in Our Present Day Society

7 Principles of Making Marriage Work

Before talking about the 7 Principles of making marriage work, we will now discuss what marriage is.

Marriage today has to offer a whole lot more than just the traditional “till death do us part” vow. The truth is that marriages have been evolving for centuries, with society’s concepts of love, and intimacy evolving too.

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7 principles

But whichever stage of marriage you’re celebrating in this moment, there are some definite ‘must-dos’ to make it work.

What Is Marriage?

Marriage is a society’s formal, honorable union of two people. Traditionally, it indicates being embodied as one flesh and has been developed as an institution that regulates husband – wife relationship and the fulfillment of male-female needs.

Our society needs to redefine marriage for our present day by understanding this ancient definition with new eyes.

Ideas such as gender identity, same-sex marriages, divorce and age limitations should be reconsidered because we live in a different era with different situations that need to be addressed.

Why Do Couples Get Married?

Reasons: Many got married for love, others by arrangement or circumstances.
Problems: People from different family background and culture takes time to blend.
Purpose of Marriage: To live as husband and wife for live.

7 Principles of making marriage work

How Marriage Changes in the Modern Society

Larka and James are on the verge of divorce. Larka thinks it is a light switch resolution that James needs to turn off in order for him to enjoy his existence with her.

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However, James doesn’t think this will mediate his boredom at all. The key reason they are not getting along is because they both need different things in their life: James wants freedom, while Larka needs security.

7 Principles of Making Marriage Work

Dr. John Gottman the author of “The 7 Principles of Making Marriage Work”, shares seven principles for a strong marriage that are grounded in academic research and are driven by years of clinical practice.

He states that marriage takes work to keep it working. For example, he notes that although good listening is often the key to creating closeness, true intimacy comes from shared happiness, connection, and understanding.

7 Principles of making marriage


In conclusion on the 7 Principles of making marriage work, love is the most important component in a successful marriage. The art of being in love requires responsibility, trust, and communication.

Couples need to be committed to working out their differences and growing as individuals if they want their marriage to flourish.