The 9 Secret Signs He Likes You But is Playing it Cool

If you’re looking for signs he likes you but is playing it cool, then this article will help you identify them. This will help you to relate fine with him.

In this article I’m going to share with you the early warning signs that a guy likes you, but is trying to play it cool so he won’t scare you off – or make the friendship awkward.

Signs he likes you but is playing it cool

Here, I explained them in 9 headlines below.

These are the signs he likes you but is playing it cool:

His text game is strong

If he’s trying to play it cool, you should expect his text game to be strong.

  • He texts you first all the time. When was the last time he didn’t text you first? If it was a while ago, then this is a sign that he wants to keep you on his radar but isn’t ready for more yet.
  • He replies quickly when you text him back (especially if it’s a group conversation). If he doesn’t reply at all or takes hours and hours to do so, then this could mean that there’s no interest there at all – or maybe just not enough interest for him to reach out again in the near future.
  • He responds positively when your messages are flirty or suggestive in nature. Does he always respond positively? Or does he seem like he’s holding back or avoiding some sort of conflict by saying things like “LOL” or “haha”? A guy who likes someone will usually try his hardest not just not make them feel bad; they’ll also go out of their way make sure they don’t sound annoyed or rude when responding (if they’re unsure themselves).

If you guys hang out, he’ll make an effort to look good.

If you guys hang out and he’s not in his usual sweatpants or t-shirt, this is a good sign. Instead, he’ll be dressed up for the occasion. He may even take care of his appearance before or after a date.

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signs he likes you but is playing it cool

If he’s normally clean but shows up with messy hair or scruff and you know that it’s because he didn’t shave/brush his teeth after coming home from work/class, that’s another good sign:

It means that he made an effort to look nice for you specifically instead of just sleeping in after a long day at work – or worse yet: going out drinking with friends until 3 am and then passing out on your couch (which doesn’t count as making an effort).

It can also mean that if your boyfriend always looks pretty decent but puts extra attention into how he dresses when hanging out with other attractive people (or when trying to impress them), then it may be because he wants to show off for them too – you included!

He’s not all over you, but he’s also not totally unaffected.

He’s not all over you, but he’s also not totally unaffected. He doesn’t want to be seen as desperate or needy, so he might hold back to give off a casual vibe. But if he likes you, he’ll still show his feelings in subtle ways:

  • He asks about your life and listens intently when you respond.
  • He makes eye contact and smiles when you’re together.
  • He compliments your appearance (and doesn’t just say “nice”).

If he’s flirting with other women, it’s only to make you jealous.

If he’s flirting with other women, it’s only to make you jealous.

He might be doing this so that he can test your reaction. Or perhaps he just likes the attention from other girls and is trying to get a rise out of you for fun.

Either way, it’s clear that he doesn’t have any interest in these other girls – or at least not as much interest as he has in you.

He’ll be more suggestive than direct.

If a guy is flirting, he’ll be more direct. If he’s being suggestive, it means that he’s interested but not ready to make his feelings known yet.

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Men tend to play it cool when they’re seeing someone new because they don’t want to scare the woman away or trigger a negative response (like being rejected).

So if your guy is making subtle hints about how he feels around you and the people around you, he’s definitely interested in getting closer with you.

signs he likes you

These little hints can range from him bringing up where he went on vacation last year and ending with “and we had so much fun!”

He may also try to get your attention by being extra nice toward everyone else – and this could include his friends as well as strangers who cross paths with him while out at restaurants or bars.

This is because when men are attracted to someone they often immediately begin thinking of ways they could impress her by showing off their personality traits that would make good company!

He’ll try to get your attention by being a little extra nice to the people around you.

He’ll try to get your attention by being a little extra nice to the people around you.

This is a good sign because it shows that he wants you to see him in a positive light and wants others around you to see him as well.

He may even treat them better than normal, or do something for them that he wouldn’t normally do for someone else.

Another way this could manifest is if he makes sure your friends have everything they need at his house – like ice cream when they’re over, or water bottles if they go on an outing with him – even though it’s not really expected.

This kind of thing lets people know that he has respect for them and cares about their feelings, which can be attractive qualities in someone who might be interested in getting closer!

His friends know all about you.

If you’re on his radar in a serious way, it’s likely that he’ll have mentioned you to his friends. If so, ask them about whether or not he may have a crush on you.

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You can also ask if they know what your interests are and if they’ve ever seen him with another girl who’s been in his life for longer than a week or two.

If the answer is yes (yay!), then it’s safe to say that he likes you and isn’t just playing hard-to-get. He’s obviously comfortable enough around his friends to let them know about how much fun he has talking about/hanging out with/going out with you!

He doesn’t do anything that would permanently change the status of your relationship

If he has a crush on you and wants to make sure you feel the same, he won’t make any moves that might scare you off and ruin his chances – like asking for your number or kissing you.

He’s not going to try anything major if he’s not sure how you’re feeling about him yet, because it could backfire in a big way.

signs he likes you but is playing it cool

So, while he may be interested in getting closer to you, weeding out possible red flags, and keeping things exciting with some mystery and intrigue (in other words: playing it cool), this isn’t necessarily indicative of whether or not he’ll actually approach a girl he likes.

Sometimes, guys don’t feel confident enough to just tell you how they really feel or are afraid of rejection.

  • Don’t assume that he’s not interested because he hasn’t asked you out yet.
  • Don’t assume that he’s not interested because he hasn’t made a move.
  • Don’t assume that he’s not interested because he doesn’t talk about his feelings with you.


We hope this article on “signs he likes you but is playing it cool” gave you some insight into what a guy is likely thinking when he’s playing it cool.

If you want to make things more clear, talk to him about your feelings and ask him if he’s on the same page as you. That should help get things going!