The Psychology of Texting a Guy: The Positive and Negative Results

The Psychology of Texting a Guy. Men have feelings, and they overthink things just as much as women do. But they express them differently.

Psychology of Texting a Guy

Because of this, they feel like they have options in dating and think that people don’t enjoy their company. That’s why texting is an excellent way to get his attention. And that’s why you should be sure to be patient when you’re texting him.

Lessons from Amy North’s free video on texting a guy

If you’re wondering how to text a guy and haven’t been able to get a response, Amy North has the answers! Her texting formulas mimic addictive TV shows and keep men thinking about you while you’re away.

Using these techniques will keep you on his mind, and he’ll be thinking about you nonstop!

Here are 5 lessons from Amy North’s free texting video:

Be careful not to use a man’s body language when you text him. The nonverbal cues we use to communicate with others are absent in messaging, so don’t use sarcastic jokes that could be offensive to your partner.

Amy’s texting strategy video shows women how to avoid the most common blunders when texting a man and keeps him engaged and on the hook.

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Disadvantages of texting a guy

There are disadvantages to texting a guy. Although the majority of girls are not brave enough to text their boyfriends to tell them that they like them, some women do. The disadvantages of texting a guy include:

While you might want to respond right away, sometimes it takes a few minutes or hours to get a response. You might not be in the mood to talk for a long time.

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If you think about it, you might end up talking for hours without even giving the other person a chance to respond. Another disadvantage is that texting can kill your phone battery. This can lead to your date losing interest in you.

Double-texting is uncomfortable and makes you look uninterested. Double-texting can make you lose focus and quiver. When you do decide to double-text, you need to make sure that you text something remarkable and passionate.

Wait for his response before sending another text. If he doesn’t respond well, you should kill the conversation. It’s also important to refrain from texting at ungodly hours.

It can also lead to conflict in relationships and friendships. Not replying to texts can be hurtful to a man. He still feels his feelings and may lose interest in you. Also, women are tempted to think that men like them when they aren’t replying to texts.

This way, they appear cute and more attractive. So, while not replying to texts makes you feel good, it is not a good idea to text a guy too often.

The Psychology of Texting a Guy

Positive aspects of texting a guy

If you want to win over a guy by text, make sure to make your texts as positive as possible. Sure, you can be real sometimes, but a low-energy text is not the way to win his heart.

By texting something that makes you feel good, you’ll keep him interested and motivated to respond to you. This positive energy will also rub off on him and encourage him to respond positively to your messages.