Family Vacation Choice – Odysseys Unlimited Tours Vs Tauck Tours

Odysseys Unlimited Tours Vs Tauck Tours – Tauck Tours provides luxurious and all-inclusive guided adventures to numerous destinations worldwide. Their offerings include land trips, European river cruises, small ship ocean voyages and multigenerational Tauck Bridges family travel journeys.

Their top-of-the-line tour directors stand out in the industry by bringing passion and expertise to each trip. They provide deeper perspectives beyond typical tourist sites.


Odysseys Unlimited is a family-owned and operated tour company offering worldwide escorted tours. Their experiences range from small group experiences, luxury excursions and family travel journeys; with deposits refundable up to 95 days before travel departure date.

Experiences provided by their travel company are designed to be educational and immersive, while promoting best practices for conservation. Their wildlife-focused trips encourage limited guest numbers so as to minimize impacts on wildlife and natural areas while working with suppliers who abide by animal care and welfare standards.

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The company makes efforts to reduce its environmental footprint at home with initiatives like paper reduction and local sourcing. Used tour materials are then donated back into communities around the globe. Furthermore, gratuities for guides and drivers are included within tour prices so travelers do not need to tip locally, while their free travel protection plan covers medical, financial and emergency assistance assistance for added peace of mind – something Travel + Leisure recognizes by awarding them six World’s Best Tour Operator awards in recent years.

odyssey unlimited tours vs tauck tours
Family vacation at Odysseys unlimited tour and Tauck tour.

Destination Expertise

Odysseys Unlimited Tours has you covered whether it is European river cruising or exploring Asia; their tours feature expert tour directors in each destination and they strive to give travelers an enjoyable cultural experience on every tour with accommodations and meals provided for every journey.

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This company also features a dedicated travel team for emergency situations. Their commitments include environmental sustainability, community involvement, animal welfare and working with local guides to ensure clients enjoy positive experiences during their trips – with special consideration for responsible encounters with animals.

Tauck is known for providing innovative travel experiences since 1925. Their expert guides lead tailored itineraries filled with engaging activities that contribute to Tauck’s success and accolades have come their way as evidenced by numerous awards and accolades won. Tauck offers luxurious river cruises and land journeys, small ship cruises, family trips, as well as luxury river cruises on riverboats.

Alongside these options they also offer:

  • Luxury river cruises on river boats;
  • Luxury river cruises;
  • Small ship cruises on small ships;
  • Small ship cruises as well as family trips on small ship cruises

Which boast high end accommodations and transportation; known for high end accommodations and transportation and have won numerous awards and accolades over the years – having provided innovative travel experiences since 1925 – featuring expertly designed itineraries led by expert guides alongside special activities curated on every tour they run – something no other travel company can boast of doing.

Value for Money

Odyssey Unlimited Tours offers cultural, adventure, and family tours at competitive rates. Their tour packages include:

  • Travel,
  • Meals,
  • Accommodations,
  • Transportation services and
  • Promotions.

In addition, Odyssey guarantees transparent pricing without hidden fees.

At Travel + Leisure Tour Operators, they pride themselves on providing high-value travel experiences to their customers and have won multiple awards and accolades over time. Travel + Leisure named them six times as World’s Best Tour Operators for this effort alone! As a family-owned business that excels at customer service with pre-tour communication, on-tour support, and post-tour feedback they have also become one of Travel + Leisure World’s Best Tour Operators six times!

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odyssey unlimited tours vs tauck tours
Outward Features of Odysseys unlimited tour and Tauck tour.

This company provides tours designed for people interested in experiencing global cultures while exploring local traditions. Their tours are fully escorted with no more than 24 people per tour group. These trips typically last 10-20 days, giving travelers ample time to make friends among similar travelers as well as culinary and hiking tours. In addition, their prices are very reasonable since no tips are charged but instead guests may choose to tip their tour guides and drivers on a voluntary basis.


Odysseys Unlimited provides fully escorted tours to every corner of the globe, keeping group sizes limited to 24 travelers to facilitate making friends while discovering. Odysseys’ experienced tour directors know all their destinations intimately while providing outstanding accommodations, meals and transportation – six times winning Travel + Leisure’s World’s Best Tour Operator award is testament to this.

They offer an impressive variety of itineraries that span from European on and off-the-beaten-path adventures, river cruises, safaris in Africa and Australia/New Zealand as well as excursions throughout Asia. Their itineraries provide a balance of sightseeing, travel and cultural encounters making them the perfect option for active people looking for an immersive travel experience with like-minded people.

Eco-Friendly businesses strive to minimize environmental impact through carefully planned itineraries that reduce impact on natural resources, working with local conservation organizations such as wildlife preserves and sanctuaries; also supporting sustainability efforts with paper reduction and waste prevention goals for their offices.

Customer Service

Odyssey Unlimited Tours is an established travel company, providing cultural, adventure, and family tours at affordable rates with top-tier accommodations and transportation included in its packages. Odyssey also excels at customer service – pre-tour communication as well as on-tour support are provided, while customer follow up is undertaken post-trip in order to collect feedback or solicit suggestions from their guests.

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The company website provides an efficient method of booking tours, with an overview of itinerary information and payment details on its home screen. In addition, travel insurance and other bookings can also be added through this page. Be sure that your passport details match up exactly with what appears in your physical passport book so as to prevent any hiccups in your travel plans.

Tauck Tours has long been providing unforgettable travel experiences. Offering river cruises, land journeys, small ship cruises and family tours; as well as their luxury tours featuring top hotels led by experienced Tour Directors.