What You Should Know About Undraped Massage

Understanding undraped massage as a therapeutic technique and not something s*xual or sensual is crucial. Undraped massage should be seen as an antidote for stress and tension relief and enhance relaxation and well-being.

Masseuses specialize in relaxing you and helping you forget your worries so they can focus on working on your muscles. In order to do this, they need access to all areas of the body.

The Benefits

Massage offers many health advantages both physical and psychological. Studies have revealed the many physical and psychological advantages of adding massage into your routine; from increased blood circulation, relaxed muscles and release of feel-good hormones such as serotonin. Massage also promotes healing – especially beneficial to those suffering from depression or anxiety as it helps release feel-good hormones such as serotonin; it may even increase libido.

Some individuals may be uneasy with the thought of disrobing for a massage; however, disrobing is necessary to allow your massage therapist access to muscles that may otherwise be hard to access while wearing clothing. If there are any concerns or you would prefer that particular areas are avoided by your therapist it would be wise to voice these prior to booking an appointment.

Most massage therapists are very professional in protecting your modesty during treatments. They won’t touch any areas that you do not wish for them to touch, and only uncover limited areas at one time. You may wear either a bra or g-string if preferred; your therapist will use towels to cover you.

There are various kinds of ero-tic massage, but most involve kneading and stroking. Therapists may add hot or cold objects for extra stimulation. On average, sensual massage sessions will last approximately an hour.

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The Techniques

While undraped massage has an enjoyable sensuality to it, it should not be mistaken as s*xual. Sensuality arises from close contact between the therapist and client that helps relieve tension while creating deeper bonds. Furthermore, its touch stimulates blood circulation for increased delivery of oxygen and nutrients directly to body tissues.

As massage therapists are trained professionals and do not engage in s*xual relations with clients, it is imperative that clients maintain appropriate personal boundaries during sessions with them – avoid touching the therapist inappropriately and making inappropriate comments or gestures, keeping their voice down and refraining from making moaning noises that might offend therapists.

Clients should communicate openly and honestly with their therapist regarding any discomfort or preferences that may arise during treatment, asking their therapist for appropriate changes in techniques or pressure levels applied.

Clients should understand that draping is an accepted part of professional massage, and serves as a protective measure. However, if an unraped massage request raises red flags such as touching oneself inappropriately or frequently then it would be prudent to refer them elsewhere.

The Environment

Following reports of s*xual abuse at Massage Envy, many have raised questions and expressed concerns over what should and shouldn’t occur during a spa service. Many are also feeling vulnerable when stripped to their undergarment by complete strangers and draped with sheets by them.

Our massage therapists employ a draping technique that ensures only those body parts being worked on at any one time are exposed. This keeps clients warm, prevents chafing and maintains modesty during sessions. If possible, please leave all jewelry at home or store it securely before commencing with massage therapy sessions.

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The Client’s Choice

Clients have complete freedom in deciding the extent to which their bodies will be exposed during massage sessions. While some prefer keeping all parts of their bodies covered, others may choose partial exposure; ultimately it should come down to what feels most relaxed for each individual client.

No matter your choice of dress for massage therapy sessions, it is crucial that you communicate any expectations or concerns to the therapist beforehand. Furthermore, taking off jewelry could prevent tangles in the massage oil.

While most individuals who request undraped massage are not s*xual predators, it is always a good idea to be wary if someone requests undraped services and exhibits signs of being creepy. Common techniques used by creepers to initiate their request for services is complimenting therapist skills or hinting s*xual services that might follow. Creepers come from all ages, educational levels, religious affiliations and financial backgrounds.

No massage therapist should touch a client’s genitalia under any circumstance. While male clients may need to adjust their genitals after getting comfortable on the table or when their body moves during massage therapy, this should always be handled with discretion and care.