6 Obvious Signs She Wants You – Falling in Love Tips

There are many obvious signs she wants you. You may notice that she buys you a gift that makes you laugh or gives you a thoughtful birthday present. Learn more.

All of these are signs that she has some sort of interest in you. While isolated signs of interest may seem illogical, over time they start to add up and increase your confidence. Here are 6 ways to tell whether she wants you.

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obvious signs she wants you

Body language

If you’re struggling to understand a woman’s signals, here are 27 obvious signs she wants you. Some of these are subtle while others border on flirting. If this is the case, you need to read on for some tips.

Ultimately, you’ll be able to determine whether a woman is interested in you and take steps to make her yours. Here are some other signs that a woman is interested in you:

Body language – A girl who turns her gaze towards you is showing that she is interested in you. You can tell by her expression that she is comfortable with your presence. Even if she’s not making eye contact, she’s still highly tuned to you.

Similarly, if she’s smiling at you, this is another sure sign she wants you. She’s interested in you and wants to spend time with you.

Frequent eye contact

There are many physical signs that show that a woman is interested in you. Frequent eye contact is a classic attraction signal.

You may be wondering how to read her body language, but you can use the following tips to find out whether she is interested in you. Keep reading to learn about some of the most common signs. She makes frequent eye contact:

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Her blushing is a good indicator that she is nervous and wants your attention. Watch her facial complexion during conversation and notice whether she blushes at the slightest hint of embarrassment.

If she blushes in public, she is a sign she wants you. Occasionally, she may blush while making jokes or heading out of a group. She may also look away when she is blushing, but this is normal.

sign she wants you

Checking on you

She keeps checking in on you. She may call you at odd hours to ask if you’re ok or to chat about the weather. She may visit your favorite restaurants or show up at the same place where you go to socialize.

She might be genuinely curious about your childhood stories or about your past relationships. These are all great signs she wants you, but they’re not enough to make you fall in love.

She makes excuses to see you alone. When she sees you alone, she wants to spend as much time with you as possible. She may start asking you to do trivial things to spend more time with you.

She also notices details about you, including the way you dress and what you like. If she compliments you often, she is probably thinking about you. You may not even think twice if she’s constantly around.

Frequently bumping into you

When a woman keeps bumping into you, she’s interested. You’re able to tell if she’s interested in you by her body language, her laugh, or her frequent attempts to touch you.

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She’s always in the same social circle, so you can bet that she’s interested in spending time with you. She’ll try to touch your arm, or your neck, when she talks to you.

The next sign of a woman’s interest in you is blushing. She may blush in response to a joke, or she might turn her back and walk away suddenly. Either way, she’s trying to tell you something that will get her attention.

During the conversation, watch her facial expressions. If she blushes a lot, she might be blushing for some reason.

Excessive preening

If you’re interested in a girl, you’ve probably noticed that she is constantly fixing herself in front of you. She may be brushing her hair or pulling her stomach in.

She may even take out a makeup mirror and do whatever it takes to look good. These are all signs that she has some feelings for you. So, if this behavior continues, you’re on the right track.

This is also an indication of physical attraction. She may lightly touch your arm as you talk. Don’t read too much into this, as it’s simply her way of showing you that she likes your company.

Another sign that she likes you is if she pulls up her socks. If she does this frequently, she may be interested in you more than her friends.

obvious signs she wants you

Excessive blushing

If your girl is constantly blushing, she may be interested in you. Her blushing may be a reaction to increased blood pressure, which is a natural response. A woman who blushes in your company is likely to be sexually attracted to you.

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She might also blush more than other people around her, which is one of the first signs she’s interested in you. She may blush even more if you’re more flirtatious, and you’ll notice her lowering her voice as you speak.

She might be spending extra time on herself before social events. During these social events, she may be nervous or touch herself, or even mention a male friend. Although this could be a coincidence, it can be a sign that she wants to spend time getting ready for you.

Likewise, she might spend more time talking to you than she normally does, but only when she’s in need of something. If she’s genuinely interested in you, she’ll start conversations with you even if there’s no reason for it.