How to Spot an Unspoken Attraction Between Coworkers: 4 Smart Ways

If you think there might be an unspoken attraction between coworkers, you’re probably right. There are certain ways to spot this unspoken attraction. Read on to learn more about these subtle signs of attraction.

Some people will simply stare at each other or talk incessantly. Others will clench their jaws. The best way to spot an unspoken attraction between coworkers is to pay attention to the small things that make us like someone.

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unspoken attraction between coworkers

Body language

If two coworkers have been having engaging conversations, you may have noticed unspoken attraction between them. Unspoken attraction between coworkers is often indicated by body language and voice tone.

When you talk to a coworker, you’ll often notice certain changes in their facial expressions and tone of voice. If you’re attracted to another person, you might want to know what these changes mean.

The most telling sign of unspoken attraction is the frequency with which a coworker touches or stands close to another person. Physical contact indicates a palpable sexual tension.

Another sign that indicates mutual attraction is gossip. It’s impossible to pin-point a coworker’s emotions, but you can often detect the intensity of their body language by observing their demeanor.

Small talk

A common way to find out if two coworkers are attracted is to engage in small talk. If you’re in a workplace where you regularly talk to your coworkers, you’ll probably notice a certain amount of physical attraction.

For example, you may notice that one of them keeps talking to you about something that’s not work related. Or, you might notice that they avoid their cell phones and seem to be talking to each other a lot.

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If you notice a lot of small talk going on, then you’re probably attracted to that person, as they’re open to the idea of dating you.

One sign that you may be attracted to someone is if you notice them being nervous around you. While you don’t have to admit to liking someone, you can certainly tell if the other person is attracted to you based on your nervousness.

You can use this nervousness to your advantage – it shows that you care about other people and value their opinion. You can also let them know that you’re interested in knowing more about them by asking them how they’re doing and what they’re thinking.

Eye contact

There are some signs that you can look out for to find out whether there’s an unspoken attraction between two coworkers. These signs include constant eye contact, chattering, and even gossiping about other coworkers.

It may take some time to notice these signs, but they’re definitely there. So, how do you spot the signs? Continue reading to find out how to spot an unspoken attraction between coworkers.

First, learn to read your coworkers. You can recognize if someone is a neurodivergent by their body language. Leaning back or folding your arms indicates closedness or hostility.

By making eye contact, you’re showing that you’re open and listening to the other person. This will make them feel more comfortable around you. Likewise, if you want to get to know someone better, don’t be afraid to try eye contact.

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unspoken attraction between coworkers


You might think that it’s impossible to notice unspoken attraction between coworkers, but it’s possible. A few signs may indicate a mutual attraction: If you both stare at each other at work, you’re most likely attracted to each other.

It could be something as simple as sharing your favorite foods. Or it could be something more complex, like a change in demeanor.

Some signs of unspoken attraction between coworkers include engaging conversations, frequent eye contact and changes in demeanor. Similarly, if one of you starts talking a lot and reaches out with gifts, it’s likely that the other person feels the same way.

If you notice these signs in yourself, you can take steps to avoid the awkwardness and discomfort by noticing the signs of unspoken attraction.

One sign of unspoken attraction between coworkers is the development of inside jokes. You may be more attracted to someone if you can get along with them as well.

However, if you’re working with a colleague who is sexually attracted to you, try to avoid this kind of interaction. This could lead to sexual tension.

Clinging unspoken attraction between coworkers may even lead to a sexual relationship.