How to Identify the Signs She Wants You Badly: 5 Captivating Signs

There are several ways to tell the signs she wants you badly. These include:

  • Body language,
  • Mirroring,
  • Personal questions, and
  • Low-cut clothes.

When a girl is flirting with you, she might apologize or explain her actions. She may even expect you to take further action. As a man, you have to know the signs of flirting to avoid being taken advantage of.

The Signs She Wants You Badly

Body Language

When a woman wants you badly, she’ll give you clear signs of her interest. The first sign is her open body language. She’ll sit or stand straighter, orient towards you and leave her arms and legs uncrossed. If she crosses her arms or crosses her legs, she’s closed off and isn’t interested.

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Another sign that she’s interested is her high-pitched voice. Women with this tone of voice usually talk about something very important to them. You should also pay attention to how she waves her hands. This gesture is a subconscious attempt to catch your attention.

Personal Questions

When women start asking personal questions to men, they are demonstrating their interest in them. The goal is to get to know the person better. They are also showing that they are comfortable going beyond the business zone. These signs may include asking you about your family, your career, and your hobbies.

Low-cut Dress

If you notice that she wears low-cut dresses often, then she wants you. However, not all young women want to risk being noticed. Some of them prefer to blend in with the crowd and dress to impress others. Others feel that it’s a social suicide to make a statement in public.

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signs she wants you badly


Women are socialized to apologize. However, sometimes a woman will not sincerely apologize for the actions she took. Be on the lookout for these non-apologies. She may be attempting to move things along quickly without really feeling sorry for her actions. A fake apology is an indication that there’s a problem with communication.

When a woman sincerely apologizes to you, it will show that she’s sincere. You shouldn’t test her sincerity by walking away or tuning out during an argument. If you walk away from the conversation and don’t listen, she’ll most likely be apologizing for the sake of ending the argument, rather than for the fact that you’ve hurt her feelings.

Showing Interest

If you’re thinking of asking a woman out but she isn’t sure whether she is interested in you, there are a few things you can watch out for. First, she might not be making eye contact. This can be an indication that she’s thinking about you.

Another sign of interest is when she copies your mannerisms and slang. She may try to imitate your smirk or use your favorite word. It’s flattering for her to try to be like you, and it may be a sign of attraction.