The Pisces Double Personality

The Pisces double personality is lacking assertive behavior in relationships and friendships. Because they are usually overly emotional and don’t take criticism well, they can appear as pushovers or jerks, but they are loyal and will go along with most requests.

However, if your relationship with a Pisces turns sour, you might be better off seeking another friend.

Characteristics of Pisces

Pisces is the most optimistic of the zodiac signs, but some of their traits are difficult to change. This makes them prone to developing a double personality. One side of their personality is passive and hard to control, while the other is hedonism and malice. This can cause problems in relationships.

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Pisces is also highly vulnerable and can take advantage of others. Because of this vulnerability, they are prone to mistrust, and often attempt to deflect blame from themselves. This type of sign will also tend to be very stingy with money. Pisces does not like to spend money, but if it’s not necessary, they will save it.

Traits of Pisces Double Personality

The positive traits of Pisces make them great at helping others and being very generous, but they also struggle with establishing boundaries. This double personality makes it difficult for them to be assertive and assert themselves with friends and work colleagues. They also have a tendency to be moody when they don’t get what they want. This can make them difficult to deal with and can cause problems in relationships. Forgiveness is also a difficult trait for Pisces.

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Although Pisces individuals are generous and want to share the fruits of their good fortune, their lack of decisiveness can drive their partners and friends batty. These people simply can’t seem to make up their minds.

Traits of Gemini’s Split Personality

A Gemini’s personality is characterized by its split personality. This dual nature is often misunderstood, as Geminis are often mistaken for duplicitous, flighty individuals. In truth, they are intellectually curious, playful, and very social. They have a tendency to engage in a constant inner dialogue.

While they can be incredibly loving and caring, Geminis can easily lose focus. Their short attention spans make them prone to mood swings and inconsistency. Geminis do not take themselves seriously, and are often unable to prove their own knowledge and experience.

Traits of Scorpio’s Split Personality

There are many traits common to the Scorpio split personality, including a tendency to be harsh and critical. Although the behavior is not always malicious, it can be a sign of insecurities. As a result, Scorpios tend to respect those who are supportive of them. However, their tendency to be skeptic is something that can make them difficult to work with.

The Scorpio personality is intense. There is no middle ground for this person – they are either in or out, friend or foe, and they tend to frame themselves as either the enemy or the friend. They can also take trivial issues too seriously and have an overly emotional reaction to them.

Traits of Aquarius’ Split Personality

Aquarians are often known as free thinkers and dislike to be ruled by others. They are also resistant to stereotypes and prefer to be themselves. However, they can also have an angry side. If someone has a sour tone in their voice, Aquarius will probably react with anger.

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Aquarius has a split personality, but they don’t like to show it. They often over-think things, even to the point of stressing themselves out. Consequently, Aquarians are wary of overbearing personalities and inflated egos.

Traits of Cancer’s Split Personality

Cancer is an emotional sign with many sides. This sign can be very moody and display distress and anger when they are jealous. They can also be very sympathetic and empathetic, and will want to be close to others. They are also very quick to change moods. This can make it difficult to know how to deal with someone who is a Cancer.

The Cancer sign is intuitive and mystical, which may lead to mood swings. This trait can damage relationships and bring a sense of negativity into the lives of those around them. Cancers may also have bad habits, such as being sentimental and holding grudges. They may also be complex and secretive.