How to Know If a Girl is Virgin by Body Language: 5 Ways Explained

How to know if a girl is virgin by body language: Body language can be an invaluable asset in understanding someone’s emotions, including facial expressions, voice tones and posture.

How to Know If a Girl is Virgin by Body Language

Deciphering body language alone to determine whether a girl is virgin is not always easy; non-virgins and virgins tend to look alike. But there are a few telltale signs:

  • She’s nervous
  • She appears clumsy
  • She’s not comfortable
  • She’s not telling you her actual age

She’s Nervous

Virgin girls tend to feel anxious around men, particularly when it comes to sexual s*x. Unaware of what to expect and fearing they’ll climax or bleed are among their primary concerns when engaging with men; additionally they’re concerned about becoming infected with sexually transmitted diseases (STIs), so may seek birth control measures or testing as preventative measures.

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Physically, virginity in girls can be verified through examination of their hymen. The hymen is a thin piece of tissue that covers the opening of the va-gi-na and should remain undamaged among virgins; however, its integrity can be broken through activities like horseback riding or the use of intimacy devices.

Virginity can often be identified through physical characteristics like having a tight va-gi-nal opening. Virgins’ clitoral hoods typically remain covered with skin, making it hard to see. By comparison, when women who are not virgins take birth their clitoral hood is exposed and readily visible.

One effective way of recognizing whether a girl is virginal or not lies in watching her behavior during sexual s*x. Virgins will likely avoid eye contact during s*x sessions and might appear nervous or breathe heavily, while women who aren’t virgins will make eye contact and breathe normally, appearing more comfortable since they have experience in this area.

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She’s Clumsy

There’s an enduring belief that virgin girls walk with legs wide apart. Unfortunately, this is simply untrue and there is no foolproof way of knowing if a girl is virgin or not from how she walks; to know whether someone is virgin or not you must ask directly!

Examining a girl’s body is another way of telling if she is virginal or not. Virgin girls typically have fairer skin due to being considered holy in most cultures and religions; however, if she has experienced sexual relations her skin may appear darker or even tanned depending on whether or not s*x has occurred.

Some people mistakenly believe that checking a girl’s hymen is an accurate way to determine whether she is virginal; however, doing this could offend many girls and is also not always reliable as its integrity may break due to horseback riding or using intimacy devices.

One sure way of telling if a girl is virginal is watching her movements and looking out for any unusual ways she moves or holds herself when touching or embracing you. Furthermore, virgin hands feature smooth skin while those of non-virgins usually feature rougher and scalier surfaces.

She’s not Comfortable

One sure way to identify virgin girls is their discomfort during sexual encounters, particularly if they’re new. Virgin women are often nervous or anxious during sexual interactions if they’re unfamiliar, and may breathe heavily or sweat excessively during sexual activities, making themselves feel unease. If this behavior occurs frequently enough it could be an indicator that she’s virgin.

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If you are still uncertain if a girl is virgin, ask about her sexual history. Some girls might be reluctant to admit they’re virgins, but by asking directly she should be more forthcoming with information and may even admit “I am virgin!”

One way of telling whether or not a girl is virginal is to examine her labia minora – lips of va-gi-nal opening that are small and tight in virgins while being larger and looser when not virgins are examined.

Finally, virginal girls tend to be anti-s*x. This could be because they believe s*x exploits women and goes against their faith or religion, or simply wish to avoid pregnancy and any additional forms of s*x outside marriage that go against her beliefs. While this does not definitively confirm their virginity status – many non-virgins share this perception – nonetheless it provides useful indication.

She’s not Telling you Her Actual Age

Virgin girls can often be hard to spot from non-virgin girls without physical inspection, but there are some behavioral indicators that indicate she might be virginal. Girls who act very flirtatiously or act slutty tend not to be virgins while shy and quiet girls (particularly attractive ones) usually are not virgins either.

If she is still virginal, she will likely avoid discussing her sexual history. Instead, she may prefer talking about hobbies, family and friends rather than risk losing her virginity or appearing like a “slut”.

An easy way to identify whether she is virgin is through her labia minora (inner lips of va-gi-na). Virgins’ labia minora typically remains tight and small while non-virgins’ labia are looser from sexual activity and more spread out than virgin lips.

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Virgins tend to have light complexions while those who have had sexual encounters tend to develop darker skin tones due to oils and dirt from their bodies. Although you should never take anyone at face value’s word when it comes to sexual history matters, it is always good practice to inquire further at some point in time about her history with your partner.