How to Put a Manipulator in Their Place: 7 Amazing Strategies to Use

The first step on how to put a manipulator in their place, is to recognize them for who they are and their behaviors. Once you recognize their behavior, you can make rational decisions and set boundaries.

This way, you can prevent any conflicts. You can also deflect their behavior by using some strategies.

7 Ways on How to Put a Manipulator in Their Place

Disarming a Manipulator

The first step in disarming a manipulator is to identify the signs. This person will often use a situation to gain power over you. For example, they might ask for a favor in return for money or a gift. Other times, manipulators use gifts or problems at work to manipulate you. Fortunately, you can prevent these manipulative tactics.

Once you’ve identified the signs of a manipulative situation, make a point to respond firmly and calmly. Whenever the manipulator asks you to agree to something, make sure to hold steady eye contact. By doing this, you’ll let the manipulator know you know better than to give in to their demands.

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Also, be prepared to walk away if the manipulator tries to sway you emotionally. If you’re a people-pleaser, it can be difficult to tell someone no, but it’s one of the fastest ways to shut them down.

Identifying a Manipulator

The first step to putting a manipulator in their place is to identify their patterns of behavior. Often, these patterns are part of personality disorders. Whether they are subtle or overt, these behaviors are designed to control or harm you. For example, the manipulator will play dumb or ignore you to avoid confrontation.

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In addition, they will twist the details of an incident in order to make you think they’re the victim.

A common pattern of manipulator behavior is that they like to cause chaos or drama. They thrive on this because it gives them the chance to scheme and maneuver. If you don’t fall for their tricks, they won’t bother you anymore. Also, these types of people hate to be corrected. They are constantly striving to put on a perfect façade.

Defending Yourself Against a Manipulator

Defending yourself against a manipulator requires a strategy that avoids the traps of the manipulator. First, you must understand how the manipulator works. This person is able to control your emotions and will often use specific situations to their advantage.

For example, they may ask for favors or gifts that you don’t need. They also use a motive to get what they want. When you respond to this kind of behavior, don’t show emotion, and don’t make yourself look interested in the game.

Another way to avoid being manipulated is to be strong and resilient. A weak-minded person is easily manipulated. But a strong-minded person can see right through the deceptions of the manipulators and protect themselves.

It is important to remember that you don’t have to impress everyone to be strong and stand your ground. By doing this, you can protect yourself from being manipulated by those who would not otherwise act in your best interests.

Strategies to Deflect a Manipulator’s Behavior

A manipulative person often develops their behaviors as a child. They use their manipulative behaviors to gain control and power over others. Their behavior can be unintentional or conscious. The goal is to get you to agree with them or do something their way.

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Often, the manipulator will use guilt trips to get you to feel bad. Fortunately, you can deflect manipulative behavior using strategies that are easy to implement.

When you feel like you’re being manipulated by a manipulator, tell them “no.” Keep eye contact and say “no” clearly. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, don’t participate in the manipulation. The manipulator will ramp up their tactics if you don’t cooperate. They hate pushback.

Avoiding Gossip with a Manipulator

Avoiding gossip with a manipulator can be tricky. They don’t like to be vulnerable and don’t like talking about their emotions. They also don’t like to be criticized. It is difficult to be honest with a manipulator and let them know that you’re not happy with their behavior. They may blame you or others for their problems.

If you find yourself in a position where you’re working with a manipulator, the best way to respond is to remain calm and rational. While you may feel frustrated or angry when your coworker starts talking trash about you, remember that your actions have a greater impact than your words.

Try to focus on your own traits and positive attributes instead of theirs. By doing this, you’ll find the manipulator will respect you more and be less likely to cross you.

Avoiding Chit-chat with a Manipulator

When it comes to dealing with a manipulator, you should stay away from chit-chat. This person doesn’t care about your feelings and will use any possible means to manipulate you. They will often pretend to be interested in your well-being while pulling your strings.

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They may use any words to convince you that they have your best interests at heart, but the truth is that they really don’t care.

Avoiding chit-chat with toxins is vital. A manipulator seeks out targets who are subservient to him. While you may not be able to avoid chatting with such people in your personal life, you can prevent them from influencing your professional life by staying aloof from them.

Avoiding Drama with a Manipulator

Avoiding drama with a manipulator means knowing how to read their behavior. Often times, they will make accusations and play the victim, but it is best to not get caught up in their game. Instead, ask the manipulator to clarify the point. Then, avoid making eye contact and displaying signs of boredom.

A manipulator will compliment you in order to get closer and gain more power over you. They will also ask probing questions and seem to take an interest in learning about you, which they can later use against you.