The Fundamental Truth About Marriage Divorce and Remarriage

Our world today is filled with Marriage Divorce and Remarriage, most people have a misconception. Do you also? Learn the truth about Marriage, Divorce and Remarriage.

Divorce Rates

It is known in a society like ours that divorce rates are high and the number of divorce spouses who remarry other divorcees after striking a fresh divorce also remains true.

With religion and laws putting restrictions on divorce termination, people have to look for other alternatives to rid themselves of marital disputes.

marriage divorce and remarriage

The article contains profound and exciting facts on marriage divorce and remarriage consequences.

Marriage Divorce and Remarriage

One of the fundamental truths about marriage divorce and remarriage is that only people who get married or remarried can become divorced or experience marital death.

Marriage comes with benefits like tax advantages and legal arguments for custody arrangements.

The Christian perspective on marriage divorce and remarriage revolves around love in the scripture, the submission of husbands and wives to one another, the mutuality of the relationship and how it includes not just genders but also God Himself.

God’s perspective on Marriage

God wants people to be happy and healthy, but not just with marriage. He understands that there could be times in life when it would be better for a person to not marry.


One way marriages are rebuked is for the welfare of the spouse/children marring or divorcing due to infidelity.

Some couples remain together if one suffers from lack of schooling, or financial incapacity or lack of transition skills.

But God doesn’t want anyone to suffer in poverty or other need while still married and living under one roof with their spouse.

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According to some perspective, there are two types of divorce: “Permanent Divorce” and “Dissolution of Marriage.” Dissolution of marriage is a temporary annulment that may be granted if one member has an impediment on the grounds that they were married under a false pretense or invalid contract.

marriage divorce and remarriage

Divine Institution of Marriage

The first marriage is a divine institution, instituted by God for the purpose of rearing children in a family and companionship built on the principle of love.

To that end, marriage unites man and woman to one another as partners and co-workers in a lifelong covenant of mutual care and commitment until death.

Divorce for just cause or “breaking one of the 10 commandments”

Biblical grounds for divorce includes infidelity, and “breaking one of the ten commandments.”

The latter is a comparison from how someone can commit adultery but not be judged for it, which would be breaking one of the 10 commandments.

Remarriage after Divorce

Some mistakenly believe that if a spouse is divorced, it’s better to remarry than to remain single.

The truth is that many factors influence the equation of what makes a successful marriage and while divorce may have brought an end to one marriage, the number of failed marriages in society today reveal that divorce is not usually the answer.

On the other hand, Jesus states in Matthew 5:32 (NKJV) that if a man divorce his wife so that she expose to adultery, when the wife has not committed adultery in the first instance, and if another man marry her, both are in adultery.

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This teaching applies to women. men are only allowed to divorce their wife on the base of infidelity – adultery.

Jesus specifically refers to remarriage after divorce as committing adultery and when such divorcee enter into a new marital relationship, it is considered adulterous relationship.

This is the truth about marriage divorce and remarriage. I hope you learnt something new.