When a Narcissist Meets His Match: Indelible 5 Great Facts

When a narcissist meets his match, a powerful dynamic is created. Both partners are drawn to the other’s “greatness,” which they use to keep their core at bay. This is the classic self-identified “power couple” dynamic.

Narcissistic people love the:

  • Attention,
  • Admiration, and
  • Recognition they receive from others,

So, they manage their self-esteem externally. While the narcissistic person may not be able to have a deep relationship, he or she can get away with shallow ones.

When a Narcissist Meets His Match

Attracting Like and Similar Narcissists

While there is no definitive answer to the question of why you’re attracted to narcissists, it is important to remember that they are typically driven by their irrational need for “the next best thing.” They don’t care much about anything else in life. Their biggest focus is on themselves and their own image and will go to great lengths to create a false identity to fit in with society.

As a result, they gravitate towards the things that society values. This includes social media, money, power, and appearance.


Narcissists are often attracted to other narcissists. They tend to have similar tastes and lifestyles, and this means that two narcissists who share similar values and interests will be drawn to each other. Intimate relationships with a narcissist are often chaotic. Intimacy and compromise are impossible with this personality type, which leads to a dysfunctional dynamic.

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Getting Help from a Narcissist

If you are suffering from narcissistic abuse, you will find it helpful to establish boundaries with the person you are dealing with. It is important to stay as calm as possible at all times, and if a narcissist threatens you with an aggressive response, it is best to remove yourself from the situation. It can also help to develop phrases that will disarm him and convince him to back off.

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For example, you can tell him that you are open to talking in a positive way when he is calm. It is important to stay consistent with your boundaries, as the narcissist is most likely to escalate the situation if you fail to set them.

If your narcissist is telling you stories to gain sympathy and intimacy, you must remember that they are playing a dangerous game. They often make up ridiculous stories about their past to make you feel bad. They might pretend to be part of MI5 or to know all the office gossip.

when a narcissist meets his match

Avoiding Chasing a Narcissist

Avoid chasing a narcissistic person. Narcissists are prone to lovebombing and manipulating their victims to get their attention. Chasing them can leave you exhausted and in emotional chaos. But if you follow the signs, you can avoid falling victim to their power.

If you want to avoid chasing a narcissistic person, you should make a plan. You should get out of the house when the narcissist is not home. Make sure you have your belongings with you. Also, open a bank account in your name. You should also speak to a lawyer or solicitor. Never tell the narcissist about your plans.

Once you leave the narcissist, do not contact them. The narcissist will start to hound you. They may start stealing your things or badmouthing you. They may even start blackmailing you. Narcissists are constantly on the lookout for drama and conflict.

Avoiding a Narcissist

The first step in avoiding a narcissist is to avoid confrontation with him. Narcissists hate confrontation because they don’t like to be wrong or unlovable. They have learned to use small details to manipulate others. When they’re not in a position to control the situation, they’ll turn to their victim’s deepest flaws and fears to control them.

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Avoiding contact with a narcissist is easier said than done. Although the person may seem like a friend at first, they will continue to try to get your attention. They will repeatedly apologize and say they’ll change, but the situation will only make them angrier and more spiteful. They might also send you rambling messages late at night.

These messages are a sign that a narcissist is desperate for attention. If you don’t give them the attention they crave, they’ll become angry and sour and will try to get your attention again.

Dealing with a Narcissist

Dealing with a narcis, or narcissist, is not always easy. You have to be aware of their different strategies to abuse you. You have to stay stable and consistent to avoid provoking them. If they’ve reached the power stage, it’s best to get out of the relationship. Engaging them directly is almost always a losing battle.

Narcissists often lie and take advantage of people to make themselves appear better than they really are. Putting them in the spotlight and making them the center of attention for the right reasons will make them feel uncomfortable. You can also call them on their lies, which can make them panic.