What Makes a Girl a Side Chick? Here Are 6 Basic Facts For You

I’m a side chick and I’m not ashamed to admit it. Here’s what you need to know about dating a married man as his side chick.

What makes a girl a side chick?

A side chick is a woman who is dating a man who is already in a committed relationship with another woman.

She is not the main woman in this man’s life. He does not see her as his future wife or mother of his children.

He may love her dearly, but he will never marry her or introduce her to his parents.

How do you know you are his side chick?

You’re his side chick if…

  • He won’t introduce you to his family or friends.

Your side-chick status is confirmed when he doesn’t introduce you to anyone in his life. If he’s not even willing to tell people that he has a girlfriend, then it’s probably because he wants no one else knowing about you.

  • You only meet him late at night or early in the morning and have no idea where he lives (or worse, once they’ve been known). Side chicks are only invited over for booty calls after midnight and before dawn. If your boyfriend is seeing other women on the side, then chances are good that you’ll never meet them – or at least not until after midnight! When it comes to being a side chick, what happens between two am and four am isn’t going anywhere except into bed with him…and possibly someone else!

side chick

The difference between side chick and main chick?

A side chick is not a main chick. A side chick is a side order, a side dish and a person who may or may not have her own set of keys.

A side chick can be an accessory, but she’s also capable of holding her own weight in the relationship.

The key difference between being someone’s main girl and being their side girl is trust – a person who trusts you enough to leave you alone at night when they go out with friends (and let you know where they are) will probably also trust you enough to tell the truth about your status as their other half.

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The proper term for side chick?

  • The proper term for a side chick is “girlfriend.” But don’t worry if you’re not sure how to refer to your own and you’re thinking, “Wait, am I her girlfriend? Or am I her other woman?” This is confusing! So let’s clear it up: if you’re sleeping with somebody who has a significant other, he or she is probably cheating on their partner with you. And yeah, that’s bad – but it also means that they have an interest in keeping things casual. That may not be what you want out of this relationship!
  • If someone refers to their lover as their “other woman,” then they might be trying to imply they are more serious than they appear. This can cause confusion because sometimes people think of the word “lover” as being synonymous with boyfriend/girlfriend (which isn’t true). So remember: when someone says “other woman” or “lover,” they could mean something different than what most people would assume based on the words used alone!

She’s not the main woman.

A side chick is not the main woman. The side chick is also not a mistress, or a partner. She’s the girl you hang out with when your wife isn’t around (or when she’s just too busy to give you attention).

She’s not the only one.

Being a side chick is not a one-person job. It takes many players to keep a relationship running smoothly, and there’s always someone who’s going to be left out in the cold.

So what makes this person so essential? She may be:

  • A second choice
  • Not involved in the relationship at all, but has access to it (she works with him or they’re friends)
  • Afraid of getting caught by her partner and/or his partner

She’s the second choice.

A side chick is the woman who’s being cheated on by the man. She’s his second choice and she knows it. The main chick is the one that he brings to family events, dinner parties and weddings; she gets to meet his friends and relatives.

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side chick

The side chick doesn’t get to experience any of this – she doesn’t even know what her man’s real name is! And there’s no way she wants it:

A side chick knows that loyalty isn’t what a relationship with a cheater looks like – it’s more like a series of empty promises between two people who know they don’t have long-term potential together but are willing to settle for short term pleasures together instead.

A lot of us want our relationships to be monogamous and exclusive until death do us part, but cheating happens all the time in human nature (especially if you’re dating someone who grew up as part of an immigrant culture).

If you’re not ready for your partner(s) yet or if they can’t give themselves fully over yet…well then maybe consider yourself lucky because at least now there are options out there for women looking for something different than what society tells them about love!

She’s not a partner.

A side chick is not a partner. She’s not someone you’re in a committed relationship with, and she’s definitely not the one you’re going to be with forever. Side chicks are the ones who are just…there.

They may have been important at one time – maybe they were even your main girlfriend at one point! – but now that you’ve moved on and found someone new, they’re no longer special.

If your ex-girlfriend was still your best friend after all this time, maybe she would be able to remain categorically ‘not a side chick.’

But if she’s absolutely nothing but annoying reminders of what could have been? Then yeah: You’ve got yourself a side chick

She’s the stranger in the dressing room.

When you see her, she’s the stranger in the dressing room. She’s probably pretty and seems nice, but you can’t believe your eyes when you see her with him.

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You wonder why he brought her here – what did he need from his girlfriend that couldn’t wait until they got home?

If you’re lucky enough to catch them together (or if they allow their relationship to be seen by others), she often looks just like your friend or coworker: someone who could be part of your group because she shares similar interests and values.

But there’s something about how close they’re standing or how intimate their conversation is that makes it clear this isn’t an ordinary friendship; they have something special between them, something private and exclusive.


She’s afraid of getting caught.

A side chick is not a long-term girlfriend or wife, and she’s not someone who has a serious relationship with the man in question.

A side chick is not even necessarily someone he’s dating. She might be just a booty call, or she might be some girl he’s been sleeping with for years but has never actually dated.

A side chick is also not to be confused with the home wrecker – the woman who steals another woman’s husband and ruins her life forever, setting off a chain reaction of misery that ends up making all parties involved miserable (except for maybe their lawyers).

The home wrecker may seem like she’s orchestrating it all from behind the scenes, but really her role is often as much victim as villainous schemer. Yes, getting involved with your friend’s husband can make you feel like an evil mastermind;

However, if we all had superpowers like that we’d probably have them figured out by now!

A mistress is not the same as a side chick.

A mistress is a woman who is having an affair with a married man, while a side chick is a woman who is having an affair with her lover’s friend.

The difference between these two terms depends on how formal or casual you want your language to be. A mistress is considered more formal, whereas side chick is more informal. However, both are considered cheating on their significant others!