Signs a Shy Guy Likes You But is Trying Not to Show It: 5 Fantastic Hints

Some of the first signs a shy guy likes you but is trying not to show it are that he clams up whenever you approach him, or becomes extra friendly with your friends and close relatives.

He may even be jealous of another guy’s attention when you approach him, and he might be extra nice to your friends. Shy guys are often drawn to outgoing women, so they’ll probably like a girl who’s expressive and emotional.

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Signs a Shy Guy Likes You But is Trying Not to Show It

Signs a Shy Guy Likes You But is Trying Not to Show It

Introverts are known for stammering

Stuttering is a common trait of introverts. This trait can make them appear shy and uninterested. But the truth is that introverts are often extremely good communicators, and they prefer to talk in writing rather than face-to-face.

Writing allows introverts to think about their position and choose their words carefully. It may even help them deal with situations that make them uncomfortable.

Stammering is not just a problem for introverts. It can be a sign of a variety of psychological conditions, such as overstimulation and depression. If you’re an introvert, a loud roommate can cause mental fatigue.

In addition, excessive noise can upset an introvert’s balance, which may make them prone to emotional fluctuations. As such, extreme introverts require a large amount of quiet to focus on work and recharge.

They don’t want to socialize with anyone

A shy guy who likes you might not be outwardly expressive about his feelings for you, but he might be very interested in you, and he might do just about anything for you.

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He may be observant of your habits and likes your pictures on social media, but he may not talk to you in person. Small gestures are a great way to get his attention.

A shy guy may not make any overt gestures, but his nervous behavior can be another clue. He may look away when he notices you, or he might steal your glances to admire you. In addition to avoiding eye contact, a shy guy may start preening in front of you.

If he is interested in you, he may take a minute to admire your looks.

They don’t look for anyone else

A shy guy may not have the confidence to talk to you or make a direct declaration of his feelings, but he does give off signals when he is attracted to you.

He may stutter, forget what he said, or even freeze when he’s blanking out. If you think this could be a sign of a shy guy, don’t worry. It’s normal for shy guys to be this way.

If your shy guy is shy, he might try to make you look better. Try noticing the way he changes his appearance. Shy guys often look at other people and try to mimic the way they appear to be seen by their crushes.

If your shy guy notices that you’re wearing a new pair of spectacles or have a new regular watch, he might have an interest in you.

They listen intently to what you’re saying

A shy guy may like you, but he’s trying not to express it. You can pick up on this by noticing he’s following you on social media. He might like a lot of your photos and videos, but won’t slide into your DMs. This is an indication that he’s interested in you.

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One way to recognize this type of guy is to listen intently to him. Shy guys are more likely to listen intently to what you say than to take the lead. Shy guys also tend to smile more when talking to you. They can’t help themselves from keeping their feelings inside.

They will often smile and nod at the appropriate times, but will probably never express their feelings. They might use cute nicknames or touch you playfully.

Shy Guy

They flirt with you

When a shy guy likes you but is hesitant to show it, there are a few telltale signs. First of all, he’ll stutter when he’s talking and freeze up when he blanks out. He’ll be in a protective shell and may have carefully thought out the conversation before you even enter the room.

He might even have a small circle of friends who are aware of your existence and may make subtle hints to get him to confess his feelings.

If you want to know if a shy guy likes you but isn’t showing it, look for signs he’s making an effort to talk to you. He may have a new nickname for you, or be curious about your hobbies and interests.

He’ll ask you about your favorite things, or try to develop a “soft corner” for something you like.