Stages of Guilt After Cheating: 5 Difficult Stages Leading to Recovery

stages of guilt after cheating

What are the stages of guilt after cheating? When a spouse cheats, the cheater is often afflicted with guilt. The cheater may say that he or she abused the relationship by not respecting boundaries or taking advantage of their vulnerability. They may also say that they ended the affair to avoid the pain of hurting … Read more

Effects of Narcissistic Abuse on Future Relationships: 5 Killing Effects and a Recovery Infograph

effects of narcissistic abuse on future relationships

What are the effects of narcissistic abuse on future relationships? Besides physical and mental damage, narcissistic abuse can also lead to negative psychological effects, including PTSD, addiction, and low self-esteem. To prevent these side effects, you can practice self-care, such as eating a balanced diet and engaging in pleasant activities. Over time, these effects can … Read more