Top Beauty Standards Across the Globe

Benin beauty standards consist of toned bodies with small waists. Artificial Intelligence images generated for this country also show women wearing natural styles of black hair in various forms.

Latvia appears to have relatively standard beauty standards; A.I. generated images depict both slim and curvier women with various facial characteristics.


Israel’s beauty standards are grounded in its culture of symmetry and fertility; however, with such a diverse population it makes defining what constitutes beauty a challenge.

At this conference, sessions covered the history of beauty culture; however, it was unexpected that postmodern art sessions immediately followed a slide show about Nazi propaganda images.

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Orna Ben-Dor, whose documentary Blonde was the focus of one of the conference panels, reported she has met Israeli women of Mizrahi heritage who wish they were blonder – this trend can be found globally as individuals seek out similar looks as themselves.

Hong Kong

Male beauty standards differ across the world. Some countries prize an aesthetically-pleasing body with well-defined muscles while in others they prize an appealingly curvier form. Most recently in China a reality TV show featuring plus-size women caused quite some stir.

This show challenged Hong Kong’s female audience to modify their beauty standards, with many being stunned at what they found out. At the end of it all, these women earned praise for their efforts to boost self-esteem and confidence; additionally they learned how to effectively manage money – skills which will aid their future success.

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San Marino

The delegation informed that the Government was committed to meeting international standards, for instance taking measures to align national laws with recommendations regarding corporal punishment.

San Marino made clear its strong commitment to gender equality and women’s participation, which the Expert was impressed by. Additionally, he asked whether San Marino might consider creating a national mechanism in line with Paris Principles as well as whether there was any general antidiscrimination framework in place – the Delegation explained they played an active role through laws and court decisions.


Following on the success of last year’s Perceptions of Perfection study for women, Superdrug Online Doctor engaged freelance designers to Photoshop male models into ideal body types from each country they lived in – showing that men also face unrealistic beauty standards. The results demonstrated this point.

Russia models showcased slim and hourglass figures with both blonde and brunette locks. Facial features were similarly formed: small faces and masculine jawlines were shared traits among models, marking an enormous change from earlier years when Russian artists often depicted men with more feminine characteristics.


With bloggers and activists being killed for sharing photos online, it seems as though jihadists have initiated a war on beauty – but what does this mean for men?

Iraq beauty standards generally consist of having a small waist, black hair and an overall slim body shape. A narrow jaw with wide lips and button nose are also common facial features among Iraqis.

However, some find the presence of heavier and rougher features attractive as an expression of identity. A man may choose to keep facial wrinkles and lines un-shaved after shaving as an expression of his individuality.

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Saudi Arabia

German standards define attractive men as having smooth skin with no wrinkles or marks and long, lush locks – something many women seek in men but may be difficult to achieve.

Arab cultures revere olive skin complexion, light colored eyes and an hourglass figure as symbols of beauty; however there is no universal standard of Arab beauty.

Serbian male beauty standards place the focus on having a toned and muscular physique with either brown or blonde hair color preferences.


Cambodian women are taking up traditionally male-dominated occupations and entrepreneurial ventures more readily, yet some outdated stereotypes persist.

Syrian beauty standards highlight muscular bodies with small waists and wavy brunette hair, along with an emphasis on having v-shaped jawlines and high cheekbones.

Hungary stands out for its beauty standards that emphasize toned and muscular physiques. A.I.-generated females feature slim builds with either blonde or brunette hair and light skin tones; small face structure; well-structured nose. Their results differ somewhat from Cambodia.


Though beauty standards tend to focus on female bodies, they also exert significant pressure on men. According to recent research, both genders feel pressure to appear a certain way.

Serbia, for instance, saw A.I.-generated models with toned bodies featuring slim waists and defined stomachs; small faces featuring v-shaped jawlines; hair colors ranged from blonde to brunette.

But what defines a good-looking man? You might be surprised to hear that much depends on where they reside!

Sao Tome and Principe

Sao Tome and Principe is a tropical paradise with picturesque beaches and stunning rocky spires, rich in biodiversity and home to exotic wildlife. Additionally, the island’s history dates back centuries, as colonial plantations buildings still stand.

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Lithuania appears to have relatively relaxed beauty standards. An artificial intelligence (AI) analysis shows curvier women with slim builds and small waists; most also sport blonde or brown hair and smaller facial structures featuring chiseled jawlines and high foreheads.


Spain adheres to an elegant beauty standard that emphasizes class and natural elegance, such as being slim with light complexions. Women who sport long, thick brunette hair and dark, seductive eyes are considered especially beautiful; plastic surgery isn’t as prevalent here.

Penelope Cruz has become an iconic Spanish beauty, captivating American audiences with her lush locks and captivating eyes. Additionally, she’s become known as an advocate for healthy skin; having spoken out publicly about her rigorous skincare regime.