When a Sagittarius Man Kisses You: They Want 4 Satisfying Things

When a Sagittarius man kisses you, he is always wishing for the most pleasure possible. They want to make you laugh, to initiate foreplay, and to achieve the ultimate level of satisfaction. They also love to keep you wanting more.

When a Sagittarius Man Kisses You

They Want to Achieve Ultimate Level of Satisfaction

Whether your relationship is new or old, your Sagittarius man wants to make your sex experience as memorable as possible. He’s an idealistic lover who doesn’t mind sharing his fantasies. Despite his tendency to be selfish, he still wants to satisfy you.

Sagittarians are also renowned for their desire to be challenged. They crave adventure and want to have a partner with whom they can take a risk. They’re also known to be physically active and are known to be a great conversationalist. Whether you’re spending time with them at home or at a bar, they are sure to turn every date into an adventure.

Sex with a Sagittarius is usually a high energy affair. He is likely to be the dominant one in bed. He enjoys being touched in all of his erogenous zones, but he’s especially responsive to a touch in his thighs. He’s also likely to enjoy a massage in his hips.

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Sagittarius’ ability to see others through an idealistic lens is a gift. He’s able to put aside his problems and focus on the pleasure that will come from fulfilling your needs.

They Love to Make You Laugh

Generally, Sagittarius men are known to love to make you laugh when they kiss you. This is because they are able to turn any date into a mini-adventure. They are also a great lover of physical play and foreplay. They also like to flirt with their crushes before they kiss them.

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It isn’t always easy to know if a Sagittarius guy is truly into you. However, if you want to give him a good impression, you can go about it the right way. You should try to make sure that you are able to keep his attention, even when he isn’t focusing on you. You should also try to make sure that you aren’t overdoing it. Using too much physical contact can turn him off.

The best way to make a Sagittarius man laugh when you kiss him is to smile. You should also make sure that you aren’t pulling your lips away from his at the wrong time.

They Want to Initiate Foreplay

Getting on with a Sagittarius is a fun experience. They are very playful, enthusiastic, and energetic, and enjoy the thrill of foreplay. They are also very impulsive. So, it’s important to plan nights away from each other.

Sagittarians love to kiss. They put their whole body into their kisses, and will try to touch all parts of the body. They also like to elicit a strong reaction with their kisses, and will frequently use down lips. Sagittarians also like to make other people laugh.

A Sagittarius man wants to make you happy. So, he will make sure that sex is always pleasurable for both of you. He may try to take you on some sex adventures, and will also ask you to join him for family events.

In bed, a Sagittarius man likes to be the boss. They are usually very strong and athletic. This makes them a good candidate for sex that is physical. He may also like to have you massage his thighs. Having a partner that can keep up with him is another plus.

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They Love to be Kept Wanting

Generally speaking, Sagittarius men are good kissers. They’ll kiss with lots of passion and love. They will also kiss in a variety of ways. They enjoy long, lingering kisses and short, sweet kisses. They’ll also like to kiss you in public. They’ll also be willing to kiss you more frequently if they like you.

If you want to kiss a Sagittarius, you should know how to kiss him properly. You can do this by focusing on the whole body when you’re kissing him. You should also be uninhibited and let your hands roam freely throughout his body. You should also make sure that your kiss is passionate and full of excitement. You should also try to laugh or smile when you pull your lips away from him.

You should also keep in mind that Sagittarius men don’t like to be pinned down. They want to experience the world, and so they will often try to take you on a mini-adventure. They might even go on a date with you to a nightclub or gallery.