6 Signs He Completely Fallen For You | Is He In Love With Me?

Here’re 6 signs he completely fallen for you. You’re not sure if he’s fallen for you. Of course, it’s important to know what signs to look out for.

If he’s been acting differently around you, there’s a good chance that his feelings have changed and he’s become more interested in the relationship.

But sometimes it can be hard to tell if your partner is really falling for you or just being nice because he feels sorry for you.

Here are 6 signs he completely fallen for you:

1. He gives up his time for you

2. He puts effort into making things work with your family and friends

3. He listens when you talk about yourself and shows interest in what you have to say

4. He tries new things with you even if he doesn’t like them (as long as they’re not dangerous)

5. He tells his friends about how great his girlfriend is and how much fun they have together (but not too much)

6. He’s protective of you

6 signs he completely fallen for you


Now, let’s go into details on the 6 signs he completely fallen for you.

He wants to get to know you

He asks questions about your childhood, your family, your friends and co-workers, and anything else that is part of your life. He wants to know why you are the way you are.

He’s not just asking these questions because he has nothing better to do or because he’s bored; he genuinely wants to get to know all of these things about you.

He makes plans

He’s showing you he really likes you by taking the initiative and making plans. If he wants to spend time with you, he won’t wait for you to make plans. Instead, he’ll take control of the situation and suggest something like “Let’s go on a walk together sometime this week!”

“It’s not as simple as just saying “let’s go on a date,” but it shows that your man cares about spending more time with you.”

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He makes time for you

He makes time for you when he has a busy schedule.

If your guy is dating other people, it’s clear that he doesn’t have much time for you. That’s why if he does make time for you even when his schedule is packed, then it means that he really likes and cares about you.

fallen for you

If someone truly loves another person, he will always try his best to make time for them.

He listens and remembers what you say

Now that you know how to tell if he’s interested in you and how to tell if he’s actually fallen for you, let’s address the last sign of his love and affection: He listens and remembers what you say.

  • How to tell if he’s paying attention: You’re in the middle of telling him about your day, when all of a sudden, he asks “So what did your friend say?” Then your eyes becomes widen as a picture of her entering into your head; she had said something about going out for shopping with another friend later in the week! But before you can answer him, he starts talking again. “Oh yeah…and then I went home.” It’s obvious that while listening to you talk, he wasn’t really listening at all.
  • How to tell if his really listening: He doesn’t just hear your words but understands them too. When someone is truly interested in what we have to say (and not just feigning interest so they don’t seem bored), they tend to ask questions or follow up on something we’ve said with interest and curiosity rather than just waiting for us stop talking so they can start their own sentence again. And even when there isn’t anything left for us finish saying because we’ve already talked ourselves out…he’ll still wait patiently until we’re finished talking before starting up with something else himself (or even better) asking us questions about what we’ve already said so far!
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He  is interested in going out on a date with you

If a guy truly likes you, he’ll want to spend time with you. You’re on his mind and he wants to see what else there is to know about you.

6 signs he completely fallen for you

He’ll make an effort to go on dates with you and have fun together – even if it means putting aside things like work or friends for the day. The fact that he’s willing to prioritize his time with you is a sign of true interest!

He says he loves you

No, it’s not too early.

Men are taught to be tough and hard to crack, and they often feel like opening up to someone too soon is a sign of weakness. But if your man really feels something for you, he has no problem saying how he feels right off the bat – and this is great news!

Signs that he’s fallen for you: He says “I love you” before or very soon after sleeping with you.

If your guy is doing these 6 things, he’s likely fallen head over heels in love with you.

  • He always wants to be around you.
  • He talks about the future with you and imagines what it will look like together (even if it’s just a year from now).
  • He lets himself open up to you and doesn’t hold back when talking about his past experiences or feelings because he knows that he can trust that what he shares with you won’t leave your relationship or be used against him in some way.
  • When saying goodbye, he gives each other kisses on the lips and says “I love you” before parting ways (or even better, hugs). It doesn’t matter if it’s been 12 hours or 12 days since they last saw each other; their bond is strong enough that they want to make sure they remember how much they care for one another whenever possible – and even though this may seem silly at first glance, don’t dismiss how meaningful those moments actually are!
  • He makes time for dates alone together even though both of them work full-time jobs during most weekdays; trust me: unless there’s a major emergency going on somewhere else then someone has planned something special beforehand so there isn’t any excuse not too.
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You’re happy and you can’t keep the smile off your face. You feel like you’ve found the love of your life, but is it really true?

6 signs he completely fallen for you, date

It’s hard to fall for someone nowadays with all of the pressures on dating and giving into emotions before you know whether or not someone is right for you. There are simple 6 signs he completely fallen for you, but don’t go around telling everyone about them.

Not everyone can understand that love. He may just be too proud to admit it to himself yet or it might not be something you two discuss openly. Let him work through his feelings on his own too, unless he comes to you first.

The point is that your relationship is evolving and you are becoming closer. He has started to share personal details with you and trust you.

He makes time for you in his schedule and calls you more often. These are all signs he thinks of you as someone special in his life.

1. He’s protective of you

2. He gets jealous when you talk to other men

3. He wants to spend time with you

4. He’s caring and thoughtful towards you

5. He compliments you often

6. He listens to your problems

I hope you have now learned a lot on these 6 signs he completely fallen for you.